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Hand-held metal detector MD-3003B1

Technical specifications

Unit Dimension: 440(L) X 60(W) X 110(H) mm
Working current: 9v “AA” battery
Alarm terms: sound (vibration) and light alarm simultaneously
Package: 25pcs/carton
Gross Weight for a carton: 16kgs
Carton Dimension:             450(L) X 225(W) X 445(H) mm


  • There is a Leathery cover outfits to the metal detector which makes the metal detector be convenient to take.(for option)
  • There is a on-off which can switch the metal detector from sound alarm to light alarm, or from light alarm to sound alarm. It fits to work in different environments.
  • It can be recharged. It needs 4-6 hours for charging. (the charger and rechargeable battery are ordered additional)
  • It has an earphone jack, which is integrated with the charger with the same jack.(earphone for option)
  • The alarm terms is sound and light alarm simultaneously, or vibration and light alarm simultaneously. You can choose the operate terms optionally.
  • When the low sensitivity on-off is pressed, the metal detector will only alarm when it finds big metal object (before you finish the low sensitivity detecting, don’t loose the on-off).

    High Sensitivity

38-Pistol : 20cm;                          Knife: 15cm;                                  Blades: 10cm;

Use domainSecurity detecting: Prevent taking contraband, such as: knife, gun and so on.Factory: Prevent the loss of valued objectsEducation area: Prevent taking cheat-tool, such as: telephone, electronic dictionary, and so on.


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