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  • Model Number: ZK9000
  • Type: Fingerprint
  • Communication: USB
  • Brand Name: XIMI
  • Pixel resolution: 500DPI


ZK9000 fingerprint is the latest instrument is more compact a fingerprint device, surface of the hard steel material, appearance is extremely elegant, the output images up to 500dpi, is a superior performance compared to the fingerprint input device, you can a wide range of applications in social security, public security, attendance, fingerprint encryption, embedded, and many other applications.


* Small size
* Excellent image quality
* Encrypted image data
* Refused to subtle fingerprints
* Refused to fake the image
* Support the fingerprint rotation
* Rough fingerprint processing
* Support dry, wet, or rough fingerprints
* Compatible with all U.are.U applications and development tools to support Biokey Development Tools
* Support JAVA development tools
* Driver support Windows98, Me, NT4.0, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows Sever 2000,2003,2008
* Packets provide secondary development, support for language: CB, VB, VC, Delphi, PB8, VBdemo, VFP

1.Pixel resolution: 500DPI
2. Image crawl area: 14.6mm (center standard width); 18.1mm (standard length)
3.8-bit grayscale
4. Scanners size: approximately 73mm * 36mm * 15.5mm
5. Compatible with USB1.0, USB1.1, USB2.0
6. Supply voltage: 5.0V + / - .25 V USB
7. Intake fingerprint: <1000mA (typical)
8. Idle: 120mA (typical)
9.Hangs: 0.5mA (max)
10. Anti-static:> 15 KV
11.Operating temperature: 0 °C -40 °C
12.Operating Humidity: 20% -80% · Standard FCC Class: B, CE, VCCI, ICES, BSMI, MIC, USB, WHQL

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